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Dean's Beans Coffee: Aztec Two-Step
(five pounds)
Price: 39.00

Dean's Beans Coffee: Aztec Two-Step Decaf
(one pound)
A delightful blend of light and dark roasted Mexican Altura Oaxaca and Chiapas beans. Smooth and nutty, with a bold finish.

Price: 11.00

Dean's Beans Coffee: Aztec Two-Step Decaf
(five pounds)
Price: 52.00

Guatemalan Baby Bib
Backstrap weaving is an ancient and highly-skilled technology that is passed on from mother to daughter. Every inch of fabric takes approximately one hour to hand weave! These wonderful backstrap baby bibs are made by women from the Solola Weaving Group in Guatemala. Maya Traditions has been working with this and other women�s weaving cooperatives and family businesses since 1988. This particular group of women joined together in 1985 after they suffered many losses during the war. As backstrap weavers, they are earning consistent income to help support their families. Maya Traditions has also developed several projects with the women, which have done much to improve their quality of life. The projects include health care for the women, including medicinal herbs, and education for their children.

Country of Origin: Guatemala
Dimensions: 10 1/3" across, 10 1/3" long; approx. 17" around neck

Price: 16.00

Hand-Knit Baby Blocks
The Spiral Foundation is dedicated to improving the educational and training skills of young people in Vietnam and Nepal. A conscious effort is made to maintain local cultures and traditions while assisting people in the development of their handicraft skills. This classic set of three wool baby blocks was hand-knit by women from the remote mountain villages of Tipling and Sherthung in Nepal. All net proceeds support their livelihood, provide primary health care, and sustain adult literacy classes through Himalayan HealthCare. This project addresses a consciousness toward world ecology by assisting a developing country in supporting its local handicraft, through the use of recycled materials. If you're looking for the perfect baby gift that will carry memories for years to come, look no further than these baby safe blocks�just like Grandma used to make! Multi-colored.

Country of Origin: Nepal
Dimensions: One Large- 4"; Two Small- 2" each

Price: 20.00

Plastic Bag Recycler

Place plastic bags in the top to store and pull them out the bottom when you are ready to re-use.. Each bag recycler features a one-of-a-kind everyday-life themed embroidery textile. Made of natural cotton by members of the Batsiranai Craft Project, a cooperative of mothers with disabled children living in Dzivarasekwa township in Zimbabwe. Designs vary.

Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
Dimensions: 15"h 5"w.

Price: 12.00

Herbal Blends Bath Bags

Sooth in a relaxing bath of herbs wildcrafted and specially blended by Native tribes in the Southwest. A tranquil blend of herbs and salts that produce a calming environment for your bath. Made from eucalyptus, hops, oats, hibiscus, lavender, pi�on, balsam, chaparral, and mugwort. (Box of 10)

Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: 5.5" * 3"

Price: 8.50

Bath & Beauty Gift Basket
One of our most popular gift baskets! What could be more satisfying than all-natural herbs, scents, and soothing bath crystals to heal and invigorate! Simply one of the best collections of all natural bath & beauty products around!

A Natural Hand-woven Kaisa Grass Basket from Bangladesh is filled with:

  • Therapeutic Bath Crystals with wooden scooper
  • Bath Tea Pouch
  • All Natural Foot-shaped Pumice Stone
  • Liquid Body Soap from The Enterprising Kitchen
  • 'Enlightenment' Beeswax Aromatherapy Candle
  • Natural Nail File from Ramona Enterprises in a bejeweled pouch from India
  • Handmade Soap from the Enterprising Kitchen

All Global Exchange Gift Baskets are wrapped with love using 100% biodegradable cellophane and a colorful ribbon, as pictured on right.
Price: 64.00

Dead Sea Bath Salts
The ultimate in healing and relaxation. This extra large, 16oz. bag of Organic Dead Sea salts have long been acknowledged for their detoxifying properties. Scented with herbal tea tree blend essential oils. Comes with a handy wooden scooper.

This bath salt is brought to you by The Enterprising Kitchen, a social enterprise, enables women to maximize their individual potential.

Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: 3" * 3"

Price: 15.50

Batik Soap Gift Box
100% natural hand-made soaps in a beautiful cloth-lined basket.

As featured in Natural Home magazine!

Each cloth-lined basket contains four soaps individually wrapped in traditional cloth. The aromatic soaps are made from quality organic ingredients including mineral salts, honey, aloe vera, beeswax and essential oils.

Soap sets were hand made in a village cooperative in Bali, Indonesia and produced in a traditional, organic and sustainable manner. Brought to you through Zen Zen, a business that works with communities in Bali, Indonesia educating local villagers in conservation, sustainable development and organic farming. Your Zen Zen purchase helps support these and other conservation and community development projects in Bali.

Treat yourself or someone else with a Batik Soap Gift Box to naturally moisturize the skin & help melt the stress away with soothing scents.

Country of Origin: Indonesia
Dimensions: 6" * 6"

Price: 28.00

Dean's Beans Coffee: Uprising! (Breakfast Blend)
(five pounds)
Price: 39.00

Beehive Glass Beeswax Candle
The all natural, paraffin and toxin free Vitality candle has a lemongrass-grapefruit scent that is refreshing and stimulating, blended from pure essential oils. This combination has been known to alleviate stress and depression.

Pure beeswax candles have been used in homes for centuries because they burn slowly and are odorless, smokeless and virtually dripless. Each hand-dipped candle comes in a beehive-shaped glass candleholder and has a burn time of over 30 hours! Extra replacement candles (pictured right) sold separately and come in a recycled Kraft mini take-out container.

Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: 3" dia. and 3" h.

Sorry, this item is temporarily unavailable.
Price: 16.00

Beehive Beeswax Replacement Candle

This hand-dipped candle is designed to fit in the Big Dipper beehive-shaped glass candleholder and has a burn time of over 30 hours!

Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: 2.5" * 2.5"

Price: 7.99

Tree-free Wirebound Sketchpad
This tree-free unlined journal is wirebound horizontally. Perfect for sketching; 128 blank pages.

Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: 9" x 6"

Price: 14.00

Peruvian Dove Figurine
This beautiful figurine, hand molded by Chulucanas potters of northwest Peru, brings an air of optimism to any room with its skyward gaze. Each unique figurine is hand signed by artisans like Miguel Sullon. In the late 1960�s a group called Sanoc Camayoc or Masters of Clay started reviving traditional pre-Colombian pottery techniques. Through many trials and errors they discovered the technique used to create the black on white and white on black patterns, and today Chulucanas pottery has achieved worldwide recognition. This figurine was brought to you through a member of the fair trade federation committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans like Miguel. Colors vary.

Country of Origin: Peru
Dimensions: 2" x 4"

Price: 12.50

Dean's Beans Coffee: Birdwatcher's Blend
(one pound)
A smooth and nutty blend of Guatemalan Atitlan and Mexican Chiapas coffees from shade-grown farms; giving great taste while protecting critical migratory songbird habitat.

Price: 8.00

Dean's Beans Coffee: Birdwatcher's Blend
(five pounds)
Price: 39.00

Beeswax Birthday Candles

Pure hand-dipped beeswax candles designed specifically for Birthday cakes. Burns slowly and are odorless, smokeless and virtually dripless. All natural, paraffin and toxin free. 12 candles/per pack.

Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: 3.5" each

Price: 5.50

Challenge to Power: Money, Investing and Democracy

Author: John Harrington

This is a no-holds-barred look at our money system, its threat to our survival, and how to use our investments to regain control. Harrington synthesizes thirty years of experience to give investors the strategies to thwart corporate domination of the earth's resources, decentralize our economy, restore democracy, tame corruption, and regain community control of our financial resources.

John Harrington is an active Global Exchange board member.
Paperback: 450 Pages
Published: 2005

Price: 22.50

A Guide for Retailers: Creating a Successful Fair Trade Business

Author: Kimberly M. Grimes A 40+ page guide filled with practical, proven advice to help you dedicate your business aspirations in the service of Fair Trade principles.
Content includes:

  • Getting Started
  • Financing: Store start up budget and three year budget samples included
  • Creating displays
  • Networking, Publicity, Advertising
  • Customer Service
  • Using Environmentally Sound Practices

Paperback: 43 Pages
Published: 2004

Price: 9.95

Black Pearl Droplet Necklace
Made in the Balinese village of Singapadu, these hand-crafted sterling silver necklaces are draped with lustrous fresh water pearls and have secure locking feature. Fresh water pearls are organic gems, with a distinctive flowing shape. They are formed by mollusks dwelling in fresh water. They are a traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary. As a healing "gem," they are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection and luck. Choose a pair of Chandelier Pearl Earrings to match.

Country of Origin: Indonesia
Dimensions: 17"

Price: 48.00

Choice Teas: Black Tea

Not far from the very southernmost tip of the sub-continent of India, stands the southern range of Western Ghats. In these mountains, tucked deeply into the interior of a protected wildlife preserve, grows some of the purest tea on Earth. It is this tea that is selected for Choice's Finest Orange Pekoe Black Tea. Wholly satisfying, brisk and bright in character.

Price: 4.20




Bowl Championship Series


Florida Gators 2006 Bowl Championship Series 3/4

Florida Gators 2006 Bowl Championship Series 3/4" Logo Tie Tac - 14KT Gold Jewelry

Celebrate the winner of the 2006 Bowl Championship Series with this tie tack. For a list of other 2006 BCS items, including more Jewelry and Watches, click here .


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