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Comfy Dog
Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo for Dry & Itchy Skin will help relieve: itchiness, allergy based skin problems, reactions to poisonous plants and insect bites. 9 oz.
Price: 14.00

Sparkle and Shine Shampoo
Brightening and Conditioning Shampoo with Yogurt and Honey is specially formulated to bring back the bling to light-colored coats (Although it will brighten any color coat). With pearlescent brighteners and a hint of all natural mica 9 oz.
Price: 14.00

Dry Dog Instant Clean
Spray-on Bath Replacement with Aloe and Kiwi is perfect for quick clean-ups, smelly dogs, cold weather bathing and post-walk muddy paws. It's also great for dogs that resist bathing and for sick and convalescing dogs. 9 oz.
Price: 14.00

Calming Aromatherapy Spritzer
Detangling Leave in Conditioner with Lavender & Chamomile can be used � After bathing for easier brush out � On specific mattes to help detangle �To help calm a nervous dog. 7.6 oz.
Price: 17.00

bowWOW Butter Balm
Quick Relief Soothing Treatment for Dry Cracked Noses & Paws will relieve discomfort from insect bites while alleviating dry, itchy skin. Great for healing paw pads after walking on salted streets. 1.7 oz
Price: 19.00

Dog Smog Remedy
This Breath Freshener and Digestive Solution Curtails Emissions from Both Ends of your dog! Digestive enzymes help prevent gas while peppermint and fennel help eliminate bad breath. 7.6 oz.
Price: 14.00

Flea the Scene
Skin Soothing Insect Spray with Sunscreen is a 3-in-1 insect spray that 1) Alleviates itchy and irritated skin 2) Repels fleas, ticks & mosquitoes 3) protects against the sun's harmful rays
Price: 14.00

Travel Dog Collection
Four conveniently sized products to keep your four-legged friend smelling fresh on vacation.
Price: 20.00

Spa on the Go
Everything you need to pamper your pooch. Four 2-oz travel size products in a cute spa purse.
Price: 20.00

Shimmering Mist
Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist not only leaves a subtle hint of glitter but it moisturizes and texturizes with natural silk proteins and actually helps repel dirt and prevents odors. 7 oz
Price: 17.00

Fur Butter
This ultra-rich deep conditioning treatment relieves itchy skin and is perfect for dogs with dry, damaged & long coats. (8 oz)
Price: 19.00

Fur Breeze- Citrus Vanilla
This Aromatic Spa Mist is more than just a pretty scent, it actually helps eliminates unpleasant odors, replacing them with an aroma more appropriate for the modern dog. 9 oz CITRUS VANILLA
Price: 14.00

Fur Breeze- Rosemary Peppermint
This Aromatic Spa Mist actually helps eliminates unpleasant odors, replacing them with an aroma more appropriate for the modern dog. 9 oz ROSEMARY PEPPERMINT
Price: 14.00

Sleepy Time Tonic Herbal Elixir
This all-natural herbal elixir helps to calm down a nervous, anxious or overactive dog.1 fl. oz.
Price: 13.00

Healthy Skin Shiny Coat Herbal Elixir
All natural herbal elixir helps relieve itchy skin and restores luster to a dull coat. 1 oz
Price: 13.00

Eye Pads
Gently Helps to Remove and Prevent Tear stains and Clean a Grubby Muzzle.

50 pre-moistened pads

Price: 14.00

Strengthens your dog's immune system and helps prevent tearstains.

Dietary Supplement. 60 day supply.

Price: 22.00

A dual-action program that clears away tearstains and helps to prevent them. Save over buying each product individually!

Price: 33.00


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