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The Award-Winning Dottie Rambo Cookbook: With Celebrity Friends

The Award-Winning Dottie Rambo Cookbook: With Celebrity Friends

To her extraordinary accomplishments in the field of gospel music, Dottie Rambo now adds a memorable literary achievement. The Award-Winning Dottie Rambo Cookbook With Celebrity Friends. <p> The book features recipes for over 270 taste-tested dishes, from the healthy low-fat variety to the richest of gourmet splurges, all designed in an easy-to-read layout with simple directions and numerous helpful hints. The book can be used with ease by students and amateur chiefs, but it is also a perfect source of information for the most sophisticated cook.<p> A valuable guide to entertaining, this treasure will help you serve Dottie's favorite dishes along with those of many of her internationally-known friends, each selected to make every cook a success with family and friends alike. Heavily illustrated with photos of Dottie and over 95 celebrities, this book is an invaluable memorabilia and the perfect gift for all occasions., Cooking / Wine ; Methods - General, The Award-Winning Dottie Rambo Cookbook: With Celebrity Friends

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