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Set of 2 Burp Cloths

Price: 16.50
Retail Price: 16.50

Any mom will say that you can ever have too many burp cloths. Ours are great at home or as a stylish set for the rest of the world to see! GoToBaby's Set/2 extra thick, 100% cotton diaper burp cloths are perfect for a baby shower, newborn baby gift or first birthday gift. Available in Pink, Blue and Purple. You have the option of having them personalized as well in Block, Script or Monogrammmed Block or Monogrammed Script. (Monogrammed initials written First initial, Last, Middle)

Bathtapus Bath Toy

Price: 15.95
Retail Price: 15.95

A delightful water activity toy that promotes cause and effect cognition! Six armfuls of fun for cognitive development and eye-hand coordination! Features: * Mirror. * Rattle. * Suction cup for easy drying. * Teether. * Water pump and squirt. * Peek-a-boo Fish. 6 months - 36 months Makes a great newborn up to 2 year old+ gift!

Getting Ready For Baby Book

Price: 14.95
Retail Price: 14.95

Let this book take you from pregnancy to birth and beyond. An information guide, organizer, and record book all in one. Everything the mother needs in this portable and handy planner.

Hush Little Baby Book

Price: 12.95
Retail Price: 12.95

Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's going to show you a hummingbird. If that hummingbird... Send your baby off to dreamland with this 26 page, illustrated, full color gem. "Long's song is gracious...timelessly reassuring" -Publishers Weekly

Big Brother & Big Sister Book

Price: 7.25
Retail Price: 7.25

Ages 2-6. One book could have been published called "I'm a Big Sibling," but what a good thing it wasn't! "In an age of "gender neutrality," it's refreshing to find the child's identity so clearly spelled out. Actually, the texts of the two books "I'm a Big Sister" and "I'm a Big Brother" are identical, except for the words sister and brother, but those words mean so much to young children in defining their identities after a baby joins the family. Each simple, first-person text tells what babies like, why they cry, what they're too little to do yet, which the big brother or sister can do now--and how much parents love their older children. On the last page of each book, Cole offers sound, cogent advice to parents on guiding and reassuring children with a new baby in the family. Fresh and clear, the line-and-watercolor illustrations glow with playfulness and warmth, celebrating family life from a young child's point of view." A great add-on gift for the proud big brother and sister!

The Customized Basket

Price: 0.00
Retail Price: 0.00

We will happy happy to create an incredible CUSTOMIZED BASKET for you in any price range that will WOW the recipients!. Call Today 1-866-510-BABY

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