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Lifesize SANDICAST German Shepherd Realistic Dog Sculpture - $ 499.95
Lifesize German Shepherd SANDICAST Dog Sculpture

Artist Sandy Brue's designs have set an industry standard. Every sculpture exhibits a stunning realism that is the hallmark of a SANDICAST piece.

Hand-casting is a slow, methodical process that produces a piece free of flaws and bubbles. Every intricate detail is captured--be it a bulldog's furrowed brow, the velvety texture of a Siamese cat's ear, or a West Highland Terrier's little, curled tongue.

Following casting, each SANDICAST sculpture must pass strict quality control before it can be painted. Artisans use both bristle and air brush methods of painting. Multiple painting steps and techniques take longer, and cost more to produce. SANDICAST creates the highest quality, most realistic, and lifelike sculptures on the market today.

The final step is the insertion of specially crafted glass eyes. Glass eyes give more sparkle and many are custom made for SANDICAST. Often people comment when looking at SANDICAST animals, It feels as if they're staring right back at you!"

Dimensions of German Shepherd sculpture: 23"L x 16"W x 33"H

Sculptures are for indoor and outdoor display"

West Marine - White dark WM

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