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War is the reciprocal and violent application of force between hostile political entities aimed at bringing about a desired political end-state via armed conflict. In his seminal work, On War, Carl Von Clausewitz calls war the "continuation of political intercourse, carried on with other means."[1] War is an interaction in which two or more militaries have a “struggle of wills”.[2] When qualified as a civil war, it is a dispute inherent to a given society, and its nature is in the conflict over modes of governance rather than sovereignty. War is not considered to be the same as mere occupation, murder or genocide because of the reciprocal nature of the violent struggle, and the organized nature of the units involved.

War is also a cultural entity, and its practice is not linked to any single type of political organisation or society. Rather, as discussed by John Keegan in his “History Of Warfare”, war is a universal phenomenon whose form and scope is defined by the society that wages it. [3] The conduct of war extends along a continuum, from the almost universal tribal warfare that began well before recorded human history, to wars between city states, nations, or empires. A group of combatants and their support is called an army on land, a navy at sea, and air force in the air. Wars may be prosecuted simultaneously in one or more different theatres. Within each theatre, there may be one or more consecutive military campaigns. A military campaign includes not only fighting but also intelligence, troop movements, supplies, propaganda, and other components. Continuous conflict is traditionally called a battle, although this terminology is not always fed to conflicts involving aircraft, missiles or bombs alone, in the absence of ground troops or naval forces.

War is not limited to the human species, as ants engage in massive intra-species conflicts which might be termed warfare. It is theorized that other species also engage in similar behavior, although this is not well documented. [4][5][6]



[edit] History of war

Main article: History of war

Some believe war has always been with us; others stress the lack of clear evidence that war is not in our prehistoric past, and the fact that many peaceful, non-military societies have and still do exist.

Originally, war likely consisted of small-scale raiding. Since the rise of the state some 5000 years ago, military activity has occurred over much of the globe. The advent of gunpowder and the acceleration of technological advances led to modern warfare.

Since the close of the Vietnam War, the ideas expounded by the Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) have come to thoroughly permeate American military writing, doctrinal, theoretical, and historical. His book On War, first published (as Vom Kriege) in 1832, was adopted as a key text at the Naval War College in 1976, the Air War College in 1978, the Army War College in 1981. It has always been central at the U.S. Army's School for Advanced Military Studies at Leavenworth (founded in 1983). The U.S. Marine Corps's brilliant little philosophical field manual FMFM 1: Warfighting (1989) is essentially a distillation of On War, and the newer Marine Corps Doctrinal Publications (MCDPs, c.1997) are equally reflective of Clausewitz's basic concepts.*1

This is not the first time Clausewitz has been in fashion. Indeed, On War has been the bible of many thoughtful soldiers ever since Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke attributed to its guidance his stunning victories in the wars of German unification (1864, 1866, 1870-71). Nor is it the first time that individual American soldiers and military thinkers have been attracted by his ideas: George Patton, Albert Wedemeyer, and—especially—Dwight Eisenhower were intensely interested in what he had to say.

It is, however, the first time that the American armed forces as institutions have turned to Clausewitz. While the philosopher had insisted that war was "simply the expression of politics by other means," the traditional attitude of American soldiers had been that "politics and strategy are radically and fundamentally things apart. Strategy begins where politics end. All that soldiers ask is that once the policy is settled, strategy and command shall be regarded as being in a sphere apart from politics."*2 The sudden acceptability of Clausewitz in the wake of Vietnam is not difficult to account for, for among the major military theorists only Clausewitz seriously struggled with the sort of dilemma that American military leaders faced in the aftermath of their defeat. Clearly, in what had come to be called in scathing terms a "political war," the political and military components of the American war effort had come unstuck. It ran against the grain of America's military men to criticize elected civilian leaders, but it was just as difficult to take the blame upon themselves. Clausewitz's analysis could not have been more relevant:

The more powerful and inspiring the motives for war,... the more closely will the military aims and the political objects of war coincide, and the more military and less political will war appear to be. On the other hand, the less intense the motives, the less will the military element's natural tendency to violence coincide with political directives. As a result, war will be driven further from its natural course, the political object will be more and more at variance with the aim of ideal war, and the conflict will seem increasingly political in character.*3

When people talk, as they often do, about harmful political influence on the management of war, they are not really saying what they mean. Their quarrel should be with the policy itself, not with its influence.

Vom Kriege (IPA[fɔm ˈkʁiːgə]) is a book on war and military strategy by Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz, written mostly after the Napoleonic wars, between 1816 and 1830, and published posthumously by his wife in 1832. It has been translated into English several times as On War. On War is actually an unfinished work; Clausewitz had set about revising his accumulated manuscripts in 1827, but did not live to finish the task. His wife eventually compiled all the work and the final two chapters Clausewitz never finished.

On War is one of the first books on modern military strategy. This is mainly due to Clausewitz' integration of politics and social and economic issues as some of the most important factors in deciding the outcomes of a war. It is one of the most important treatises on strategy ever written, and is prescribed at various military academies to this day.



[edit] History

Carl von Clausewitz was a Prussian officer among those baffled by how the armies of the French Revolution and Napoleon had changed the nature of war through their ability to motivate the populace and thus unleash war on a greater scale than had previously been the case in Europe. Clausewitz was well educated and had a strong interest in art, science, and education, but he was a professional soldier who spent a considerable part of his life fighting against Napoleon. There is no doubt that the insights he gained from his experiences, combined with a solid grasp of European history, provided much of the raw material for the book. On War represents the compilation of his most cogent observations.

Note: Clausewitz states that Napoleon's tactics were not revolutionary at all and that Napoleonic Warfare did not change anything greatly in military history. The technology of weaponry for the most part remained static, and new strategies weren't developed, but rather Napoleon refurbished old ones, mixing them into one grand strategy.

[edit] Synopsis

The book contains a wealth of historical examples used to illustrate its various concepts. Frederick II of Prussia (the Great) figures prominently for having made very efficient use of the limited forces at his disposal. Napoleon also is a central figure.

Among many strands of thought, three stand out as essential to Clausewitz' concept:

  • War must never be seen as a purpose to itself, but as a means of physically forcing one's will on an opponent ("War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means."[1]).
  • The military objectives in war that support one's political objectives fall into two broad types: "war to achieve limited aims" and war to "disarm” the enemy: “to render [him] politically helpless or militarily impotent."
  • The course of war will tend to favor the party employing more force and resources (a notion extended by Germany's leaders in World War One into "total war"—the pursuit of complete military victory regardless of the political consequences).

Military strategy is a national defence policy implemented by military organisations to pursue desired strategic goals.[1] Derived from the Greek strategos, strategy when it appeared in use during the 18th century[2], was seen in its narrow sense as the "art of the general"[3], 'the art of arrangement' of troops.[4] Military strategy deals with the planning and conduct of campaigns, the movement and disposition of forces, and the deception of the enemy. The father of modern strategic study, Carl von Clausewitz, defined military strategy as "the employment of battles to gain the end of war." Liddell Hart's definition put less emphasis on battles, defining strategy as "the art of distributing and applying military means to fulfil the ends of policy" Hence, both gave the pre-eminence to political aims over military goals, ensuring civilian control of the military.



[edit] Fundamentals

"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." Napoleon Bonaparte

Military strategy is the plan and execution of the contest between very large groups of armed adversaries. It involves each opponent's diplomatic, informational, military, and economic resources wielded against the other's resources to gain supremacy or reduce the opponent's will to fight. It is a principle tool to secure the national interest. A contemporary military strategy is developed via military science. [5] It is as old as society itself. It is a subdiscipline of warfare and of foreign policy. In comparison, grand strategy is that strategy of the largest of organizations which are currently the nation state, confederation, or international alliances. Military strategy has its origins before the Battle of the Ten Kings and will endure through the space age. It is larger in perspective than military tactics which is the disposition and maneuver of units on a particular sea or battlefield.[6]

[edit] Background

Military strategy in the 19th century was still viewed as one of a trivium of "arts" or "sciences" that govern the conduct of warfare; the others being tactics, the execution of plans and manœuvering of forces in battle, and logistics, the maintenance of an army. The view had prevailed since the Roman times, and the borderline between strategy and tactics at this time was blurred, and sometimes categorization of a decision is a matter of almost personal opinion. Carnot, during the French Revolutionary Wars thought it simply involved concentration of troops.[7]

The Battle of Siffin, illustration from a 19th century manuscript by Muhammad Rafi Bazil.

Strategy and tactics are closely related and exist on the same continuum.



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Price: 9.99

2004 Fleer Inscribed Football Cards Pack
Each 2004 Fleer Inscribed Trading Card Football Pack contains 5 cards each in a 100 card base set including 25 Rookies (#'d to 750; the first 75 of each will be autographed). Each box will contain ONE Rookie card and TWO Memorabilia cards. On average - there will be ONE Autograph card in every other box. Parallel sets: Facsimile Sig (Gold > #'d to 199 and Red > #'d to 5). Inserts: Names of the Game (#'d to 299; Memorabilia > #'d to 299 - Memorabilia Silver > #'d to 99 - Memorabilia Gold > #'d to 33 - Autograph > #'d to 99 - and Autograph Gold > #'d to 25) - Award Winners (#'d to 150; Memorabilia > #'d to 150 - Memorabilia Silver > #'d to 75 - Autograph > #'d to 150 - and Autograph Silver > #'d to award year) - Valuable Players (#'d to last two digits of MVP year; Memorabilia > #'d to 250 - Autograph > #'d to 199 - and Autograph Gold > #'d to 9) - Rookie Debut Autographs (#'d to 75) - and Induction Ceremony ('d to last two digits of HOF induction year; Memorabilia > #'d to 250 - Masterpiece Memorabilia > #'d to 1 - and Autograph: Bronze > #'d to 50 - Silver > #'d to 15 - and Gold > #'d to 5).
Price: 9.49

2004 Fleer Ultra Update Baseball Cards Pack
Each 2004 Fleer Ultra Update Baseball Trading Card Pack contains 8 MLB Trading cards per pack. Fleer is pround to introduce Legendary 13 game-used/autographed inserts - which feature some of the most celebrated Major League Baseball names of the past and presend - including Ted Williams - Nolan Ryan - Mike Schmidt - Carl Yastrzemski - Roger Clemens - Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa! There is an array of Legendary 13 Levels - including the spectacular Masterpiece Collection. The 1-of-1 Masterpiece Collection cards include a game-used swatch from each of the Legendary 13 players - PLUS an autograph from the highlighted player! It is a card unlike any in the hobby today! An Update of the 2004 Ultra MLB set with 100 exclusive rookie cards and 75 new or traded veterans! Find two Rookies per pack. Also - look for serially numbered Lucky 13 Rookies highlighting the stars of tomorrow!
Price: 5.99

2004/05 Hoops Hot Prospects Basketball Cards Pack
Each 2004-05 Hoops NBA Hot Prospects Basketball Pack - 5 cards per pack.
Price: 7.99

2005 Fleer Tradition 1 Baseball Cards Box
Each 2005 Fleer Tradition 1 Baseball Cards Box contain 10 MLB trading card per box and 36 pack per display box. 2005 Fleer Tradition MLB gives card collectors everything they are looking for and more? This three series set will be the largest in the Tradition series line with a combined 750 cards. Look for game-used memorabilia cards every 18 packs including some of the game?s greatest players from the past. Fleer Tradition - created by collectors for collectors! Statistical Leaders     - 12 cards The top three players in three different offensive and pitching statistical categories for each league are presented in this 12 card subset. Basic cards     - 288 cards The classical design in the key to this 288 card basic set. Trio Prospects     - 30 cards Three prospects from each team make up this 30 card subset. Trio Prospects - Award Winners and 2004 Post Season subsets are found at a combined rate of 1:2 packs. Award Winners     - 10 cards The yearly award winners are given their due in this 10 card subset highlighting the brightest from 2004. Trio Prospects - Award Winners and 2004 Post Season subsets are found at a combined rate of 1:2 packs. 2004 Post Season     - 10 cards The 2004 post season was a remarkable series of events - finishing with the Boston Red Sox curse breaking championship. Trio Prospects - Award Winners and 2004 Post Season are seeded at a combined odds of 1:2 packs. Diamond Tribute     - 25 cards - 1:6 packs 25 of the top players in the Majors are highlighted in this mainstay of the Tradition series. Diamond Tribute Game-used     - 20 cards - 1:30 packs Game-used memorabilia parallel of the Diamond Tribute insert. Look for patch versions numbered to 50. Diamond Tribute Dual Patch     - 10 cards - Numbered to 25 Combining two Diamond Tribute cards in to one! This version contains game-used patch swatches and is numbered to just 25! Cooperstown Tribute     - 10 cards This 10 card insert highlights a few of the illustrious figures in the Hall of Fame. Each card is numbered to the player's HOF induction year. Cooperstown Tribute Game-used     - 10 cards - 1:200 packs Game-used memorabilia parallel of the Cooperstown Tribute insert set. Look for patch versions numbered to 10! Standouts     - 15 cards - 1:18 packs The Standouts insert set pays homage to 15 top players from the game today. Standouts Game-used     - 11 cards - 1:65 packs Game-worn memorabilia parallel of the Standouts insert set. Look for patch versions numbered to just 50. Club 3000/500/300     - 20 cards - 1:360 packs Join the club! Club 3000/500/300 is three inserts in one looking at the players that have joined the exclusive 3000 Strike Out - 500 Home Runs or 300 Wins clubs. This insert will carry over all three series and combine for a total of 40 cards!
Price: 45.95

2005 Fleer Authentix Baseball Cards Box
 Each 2005 Fleer Authentix Baseball Cards Box contains 5 MLB trading cards per pack and 24 packs in display box. Authentix Baseball delivers more autographs in 2005. Hobby boxes contain 1 - 2 - or even 2 autographs per box! Look for Ticket to the Majors autographed rookie cards #'d to 250 or less! Also find Season Ticket packs that contain each of the four levels of parallel cards of a particular player. Look for 1-of-1 autographed patch cards - triple jersey cards and MLB logo Masterpiece cards and more! Basic Card     - 100 cards   Ticket to the Majors     - 25 cards - Numbered to 250   Hot Ticket     - 10 cards - 1:12 packs   Showstoppers     - 15 cards - 1:8 packs   Jersey AuthenTix     - 35 cards - 1:16 packs Find Jersey Authentix 1:16 hobby packs. Mezzanine level #'d to 75 - Club Box level #'d to 25 - Standing Room Only level #'d to 10. Patch AuthenTix     - 35 cards - Numbered to 75 Patch Authentix General Admision - #'d to 75 - Mezzanine - #'d to 15 - Club Box - #'d to 5 - Standing Room Only - #'d to 1. Jersey AuthenTix Game of the Week     - 20 cards Find dual jersey cards #'d from 10 to 200. Look for dual patch versions #'d to 10. Teammate Trios     - 15 cards - Numbered to 75 Find triple jersey cards #'d to 75. Also - look for Hometown Variations #'d to 25 and 1. Hot Ticket Jersey     - 8 cards - 1:87 packs Find Hot Ticket Jersey cards 1:87 Hobby Packs. Look for Patch versions #'d to player's jersey number and 1-of-1 Masterpiece patch cards. Autographed AuthenTix     - 12 cards - Numbered to 100 General Admission - #'d to 100 Mezzanine - #'d to 40 Club Box - #'d to 5 Standing Room Only - #'d to 1 Auto Jersey AuthenTix General Admission     - 13 cards - Numbered to 75   Autographed Jersey AuthenTix     - 14 cards - Numbered to 15 Mezzanine - #'d to 15 Club Box - #'d to 5 Standing Room Only - #'d to 1 Autographed Patch AuthenTix General Admission     - 19 cards - Numbered to 40   Autographed Patch Authentix     - 21 cards - Numbered to 10 Mezzanine - #'d to 10 Club Box - #'d to 5 Standing Room Only - #'d to 1
Price: 99.95

2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Baseball Cards Box
Each 2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Baseball Cards Box contains 5 MLB trading cards per packs and 18 packs in display box. Take home a piece of history in every box of Classic Clippings Baseball. Find single - dual and even triple autographs from many of baseball's top stars and all-time greats. Look for dual and triple patch cards and quad bat cards from the game's best. Basic Cards     - 75 cards   Legends     - 30 cards - Numbered to 999 Find 30 Legends cards in the base set #'d to 999. Rookie Cards     - 20 cards - 1:6 packs   Press Clippings     - 12 cards - 1:6 packs Find Gold versions #'d to 4! Classic Clippings     - 10 cards Find Gold versions #'d to last 2 digits of year Cut of History Single     - 20 cards Look for 3 different levels: Blue - Silver Patch - #'d to 25 - Purple Patch - #'d to 1 Cut of History Dual     - 9 cards Look for three levels: Blue Dual Jersey - Silver Dual Patch - #'d to 15 - Purple Dual Patch - #'d to 1. Cut of History Triple Game-Used     - 8 cards Look for three levels: Blue Triple Jersey - Silver Triple Patch - #'d to 25 - Purple Triple Patch - #'d to 1. Bat Rack     - 14 cards Look for three levels of Bat Racks featuring 4 game-used bat pieces on each card. Look for Blue versions - Silver versions #'d to 10 and Purple versions #'d to 1. Jersey Rack Dual     - 20 cards Find three levels of Jersey Rack Dual memorabilia cards. Look for Blue versions - Silver Dual Patch versions #'d to 25 and Purple Dual Patch versions #'d to 1. Jersey Rack Triple     - 20 cards Jersey Rack Triple features 3 levels: Blue Triple Jersey - Silver Triple Patch - #'d to 25 - Purple Triple Patch - #'d to 1. Cut of History Blue Single Autograph     - 16 cards   Cut of History Silver Single Autograph     - 17 cards Find Cut of History Silver autographs #'d to 25 and Purple autographs #'d to 1. Cut of History Dual Autograph     - 4 cards Find Blue Dual autographs #'d to 49 - Silver Dual autographs #'d to 22 - and Purple Dual autographs #'d to 1. Cut of History Triple Autograph     - 7 cards Find three levels of triple autographs: Blue - #'d to 15 - Silver - #'d to 5 - and Purple - #'d to 1. Diamond Signings Blue Single AUtograph     - 24 cards - 1:29 packs   Diamond Signing Silver Single Autographs     - 29 cards Find Silver autographs #'d to 25 - Purple autographs #'d to 1. Diamond Signings Blue Dual Auitograph     - 5 cards - Numbered to 49   Diamond Signings Dual Silver Autograph     - 9 cards Find Silver Dual autographs #'d to 22 - Purple Dual autographs #'d to 1. Diamond Signings Triple Autograph     - 7 cards Find serially numbered Diamond Signings Blue Triple autographs - Silver Triple autographs #'d to 5 - Purple Triple autographs #'d to 1. MLB Game Worn Jersey Collection     - 18 cards - 1:8 packs
Price: 94.99

2004 Fleer EX NFL Football Cards Box
This year - E-X stands for E-Xtreme! Always known for its cutting-edge technology and striking designs - 2004 E-X Football goes where no other product has gone before. Configured as an all-new - seven-card super pack - E-X is populated with some of the most visually breathtaking and collectible cards to ever hit the market. The future of trading cards has finally arrived. Basic cards     - 40 cards The E-X brand has long been known for its stunning designs and this year is no different. Collect 40 of the NFL's biggest stars in the basic set - complimented by a striking etched foil background design. Rookies     - 15 cards - Numbered to 500 Find one sequentially-numbered rookie card in every pack of 2004 E-X Football! Rookie Autograph and memorabilia     - 10 cards These top 10 rookies feature an autograph and a swatch of memorabilia to create the super rookie. Cards are serially numbered from 199 to 249. Essential Credentials     - 65 cards The renowned Essential Credentials parallel is back. A long time Hobby innovator - this set features serially numbering based on the player's card number. Card #1 will be numbered to 1 in the "Now" version and numbered to 65 in the "Future" version. Card #2 will be numbered to 2 in the "Now" version and numbered to 64 in the "Future" version and so on. Clearly Authentics     - 40 cards Black (patch) #'d from 50 to 90. Gold (patch and jersey) #'d to 50. Pewter (patch and jersey) numbered to 44. Bronze (oversized patch) #'d to 11. Turquoise (nameplate) numbered to the player's last name. Tan (dual patch) #'d to 22. Burgundy (triple patch) #'d to 13. Royal (patch/jersey/jersey) #'d to 8. Clearly Authentics Emerald     - 18 cards One-of-One Each card features two players and the NFL logos from their jerseys! Classic ConnEXions doubles     - 20 cards - Numbered to 22 Two players matched up that have a direct link to each other. Classic ConnEXions Triples     - 10 cards - Numbered to 13 Like the Classic ConnEXions Doubles - these triples are sure to be a big score! Look for special 1 of 1 Emerald versions! Clearly Authentics Signature     - 30 cards Black (jersey) #'d from 80 to 100. Gold (jersey) serially numbered. Pewter (jersey/jersey) numbered from 40 to 60. Tan (patch) #'d to jersey number. Burgundy (tags) #'d to 5. Clearly Authentics Signature Emerald     - 40 cards One-of-One Each card features an NFL Logo as the swatch! Signings of the Times     - 12 cards Half century #'d to 50. Quarter Century (with patch) #'d to 25. Emerald version #'d to 1. Check Mates     - 15 cards It will be a collector's dream to deposit one of these into their collection! These brilliant dual-signed fold out cards feature the cut signatures of some of the top players in the history of the game. ConnEXions Double Signed     - 10 cards These dual-signed autographed cards feature some interesting current day as well as historic connections from the annals of Football.
Price: 139.95

2004 Fleer Greats of the Game (Cut Signature Edition) Baseball Cards Box
Each 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game (Cut Signature Edition) Baseball Cards sealed box contains 15 packs of 5 cards each in a 75 card base set. Parallel set (partial): Gold Border Autograph 2:15. For the first time ever Fleer presents the second series of the hobby?s favorite retired baseball autograph trading card set?Greats of the Game. We've added more cut signatures of legends - heroes and cult favorites that you are bound to love. Each box contains two autographs and one game-used card. Basic Cards     - 65 cards All you need to succeed is an award winning design and a strong roster of legendary players. Greats of the Game Cut Signature Edition hits both of these right on the head. Like the first series - you are bound to build the basic set for its beauty and great player selection. Forever...     - 29 cards Forever... highlights some of the biggest names in five of Baseball's most storied franchises. Each card is serially numbered to the player's rookie year. Plus look for game-worn jersey and patch versions numbered as low as 5! Yankees Clippings     - 8 cards - 1:45 packs The return of Yankees Clippings has the die-hard Greats fans buzzing... and why not? This was the set that captured the imagination of the hobby a few years ago and will once again prove why Greats of the Game stands head and shoulders over everyone else. Look for autographed versions of these cards too! Gold Bordered Autograph     - 46 cards The gold bordered autograph set from the Greats series is one of the main reasons for the success of retired baseball products. Over 45 players make their mark in the annals of Greats history - plus short prints and variations return once again. Etched in Time     - 39 cards Greats of the Game Cut Signature Edition has a fair selection of cut signatures from legendary players from the past. Each card is serially numbered no higher than 95 and some are numbered in single digits. Personality Cuts     - 7 cards Greats goes beyond just recognizing those who accomplished something on the field - but also those behind the scenes. Personality Cuts are cut signatures from some of baseball's most illustrious owners - announcers and even personalities... Announcing Greats     - 10 cards - 1:12 packs Imagine pairing up a well known baseball star and the voice of the team that announced some of this player's greatest moments. This is what the Announcing Greats insert does. This is a Retail Exclusive. Announcing Greats Autographs     - 8 cards Announcing Greats pairs up autographs from a famous announcer along with legendary star to create an industry first. Each card is serially numbered to 75 or less and contain two autographs.
Price: 109.95

2004 Fleer Greats of the Game (Cut Signature Edition) Baseball Cards Pack
Each 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game (Cut Signature Edition) Baseball Cards Pack contains 5 cards each in a 75 card base set. Parallel set (partial): Gold Border Autograph 2:15. Find 2 authentic retired players autographs/cut signature in every box! Look for the return of Yankee Clippings and...for the first time every autographed Yankee Clippings! In addition to the two autographs per box - collectors will also find one Memorabilia card in every box including Dual Patch cards # to only 5!
Price: 9.99

2004 Fleer Legacy Baseball Cards Box
America's favorite autographed memorabilia in a box has finally returned! It is time to experience the next generation of trading card products with the debut release of 2004 Legacy Baseball. One (1) autographed baseball and one (1) game worn card per box of only the top players from the past and present! Look for single signed baseballs from Babe Ruth - Lou Gehrig - Ted Williams and more! Plus - there are team signed baseballs from some of the most illustrious teams in the history of baseball! View complete check list here Basic Cards     - 60 cards We've selected 60 of the best players to make up the base card set with one of the most outstanding designs you've ever seen in the hobby. Future Legacy     - 15 cards - Numbered to 599 Serially numbered to just 599 - these 15 true rookies will fall at a rate of one per hobby box. Hit Kings     - 15 cards - 1:8 packs Hit Kings highlights the batting ability of 15 of the top modern day sluggers. Hit Kings Memorabilia     - 22 cards Look for patch cards from some of the biggest sluggers in the Major Leagues. Serially numbered no higher than 99. Look for versions numbered to 50 and 1! Hit Kings Dual Memorabilia     - 14 cards We've taken Hit Kings to a higher level by pairing two slugging greats with each. These game-worn patch cards are serially numbered from 4 to 21! Franchise Legacy     - 24 cards Franchise Legacy looks at some of the players that have left their mark in their team's history. Each card features an authentic game-worn patch numbered to 99 or less including Masterpiece versions! Franchis Legacy Dual Patch     - 12 cards These patch cards feature two players from the same team along with an authentic game-worn patch numbered from 3 to 33! Franchise Legacy Quad Patch     - 10 cards Imagine a card with four game-worn patches of some of the biggest names in baseball - and you will have Franchise Legacy Quad Patch cards numbered from 2 to 22. Signed Baseballs     - 100 cards - 1:1 packs Each box of Legacy features one signed baseball from some of the greatest players to ever play the game including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Plus there are team signed balls and baseballs signed by incredible personalities. Stay tuned for more information
Price: 179.95

2004/05 Fleer Authentix Basketball Cards Pack
Each 2004/05 Fleer Authentix Basketball Trading Card pack contains 5 cards each in a 140 card base set including 30 'Ticket to the Pros' Rookies (#'d to 750) - and 10 'Ticket to the Pros' Executive Decision (features autograph of head coach or general manager who drafted player > #'d to 250).
Price: 4.99

2005 Fleer WWE Divas Trading Card Box
2005 Fleer WWE Divas Trading Card Box contains 5 cards per pack and 24 packs per box.
Price: 64.99



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